Welcome to Making Disciples training with Carla MacLachlan. If you would like to know what it looks like to make disciples, you’ll find it here. Carla is a committed follower of Jesus Christ with a passion for discipleship. For three decades she has used God’s Word to train others to follow God’s plan for making disciples. She is now sharing this training through this series of podcasts.

The Significance of Discipleship

  1. Intro: Making Disciples
  2. How to Get the Most Out of Making Disciples Training
  3. The Basis for Discipleship

Purposeful Preparation

  1. Intro: Purposeful Preparation
  2. The Pursuit of Personal Holiness
  3. The Bible: God’s Discipleship Manual
  4. The Significance of Abiding
  5. Recognizing Opportunities
  6. Being Relational

The Significance of the Gospel

  1. Intro: What is the Gospel?
  2. Sharing the Gospel – Part 1
  3. Sharing the Gospel – Part 2
  4. Results of Salvation
  5. Baptism

The Process of a Growing Disciple

  • Coming soon

The Process of Applying Truth

  • Coming soon

Purposeful Mentoring

  • Coming soon