Making disciples is your calling

Are you prepared to invest in the lives of others?

Jesus tells His followers to “go and make disciples”. You understand what it looks like to “go” (consider all the places you’ve been in the past few days.) But what does it look like to make disciples? Are you prepared to invest in the lives of others? Making Disciples is a practical book that will help you:

  • Understand God’s purpose for disciple-making
  • Recognize and prepare for evangelistic opportunities
  • Practically apply biblical truth in daily living
  • Communicate and demonstrate living by faith
  • Engage others in formal and informal discipleship

Making Disciples is both challenging and life changing. My awareness of the power of Scripture to influence daily life has greatly increased. I now live life with a heavenly, rather than worldly, perspective. – J. Elfrink

God is using Making Disciples to transform my life! When I began to embrace discipleship and disciple making, my walk with Christ deepened. I better understand now that God is working on the moments of my days to bring Himself glory. – B. Williams

After experiencing Making Disciples, I sense the urgency to know and teach God’s Word. I’ve learned to listen beyond the normal conversation to seek God’s opportunity. – B. Porter