Perhaps you will indulge me
Today in a rhyme or two,
Rhyming reminds me of children
And the lady who lived in a shoe.
For rhyming is a fun way for children
To learn about the Cat in the Hat,
Three Blind Mice, Hey Diddle, Diddle
And other charming things like that.
Oh, but rhyming is far more than fun
For children and adults alike,
It is a wonderful tool to be used
For teaching truth to little tikes.
Rhyming helps set truth to memory
Within a child’s heart and mind,
So they will learn to be like Jesus
Loving, patient, joyful, and kind.
Please use the rhymes below
As tools during work and play,
To renew your child’s mind with truth
Throughout the moments of each day.

Do you know God’s Word is true?
Yes, Lord, yes, indeed I do.
Do you know Jesus died for sin,
And longs for you to believe in Him?
Do you know His love is forever true?
Yes, Lord, yes, indeed I do!

Jesus hears each word I say
And knows the things I do each day,
He knows the choices that I make
And each direction that I take.

One, Two
This is True
Three, Four
Jesus is Lord
Five, Six, Seven
He wants us to join Him in Heaven
Eight, Nine, Ten
One day He’s coming back again

In the morning God hears my prayers.
Within His hands I place my cares
He fulfills His purpose in my life,
Freeing me to live without worry or strife