‘Tis the weeks before Christmas and all through our home
      You can recognize the season wherever you roam
There are lights that twinkle on each shrub and tree
      And our seasonal doorbell plays carols with glee
There are decorations on the mailbox and a wreath on the door
      And upon entering the house there is more in store
The stockings are hung on the chimney with care
      While the aroma of ginger and cider fill the air
An angel stands tall atop an elaborately decked tree
      Where underneath lay packages for all to see

Nativity figures are placed on the fireplace mantle
      While playing softly in the background is “The Messiah”, by Handel
This may seem to others like much to do for merely one season
      After all, it takes thought, planning, preparation, and reason
I want to be certain the season is filled with “good cheer”
      Since Christmas is only celebrated one time each year

Only one time a year? Oh, what have I done?
      I’ve focused my Christmas efforts on mere activity and fun
Christmas is meant to be celebrated January through December
      And we do so when we choose to take time to remember
The most precious gift: Jesus, sent from heaven above
      Born of a virgin, a gift of God’s love
Sent here to earth to save men from sin
      Resulting in new life found only in Him
In honor of the gift of Jesus this season
      I will celebrate Christmas with purpose and reason
While I will still enjoy carols, eggnog, and good tidings
      I will delight in Christ Jesus through intimate abiding
I will invite Him to rule in my heart and mind each day
      While intentionally sharing His truth along the way
“Merry Christmas” to all, may they come to know Him
      Our precious Lord Jesus, the Savior of all men