A new study shows that dogs actually do resemble their owners, according to research from the University of California by Nicholas Christenfeld and Michael Roy.  This study is, of course, referring to appearances. But, might there be other ways in which dogs might resemble their owners?

In one scenario, Mr. Jones owns a dog that is normally even tempered with the exception of Sunday mornings. Each Sunday morning Mr. Jones’ dog rises early in anticipation of the arrival of the Sunday paper. Even though the newspaper lies in his yard each morning, the dog only seems to be interested in the Sunday edition. Mr. Jones takes great pleasure in watching his dog scratch at the door with eagerness, like a thoroughbred at the starting gate on race day. Once Mr. Jones cracks open the door, his dog runs as fast as he can to retrieve the paper. Once the paper is in his owner’s hands, the dog’s excitement subsides and he eventually returns to a calm and contented state; that is, until the following Sunday.

While in this case the dog’s physical features may not represent those of his owner, his actions certainly do. You see, Mr. Jones also rises early each Sunday morning to attend church services. He is excited as he considers what type of pastries might be served, who he might see there, and what he might experience. He places his Bible under his arm and heads off to church. Pleased with the morning’s activity, Mr. Jones returns home promptly after Sunday services. Once home, he returns his Bible to the shelf and settles calmly and contently into his easy chair; that is, until the next Sunday.

Do you see the resemblance? Both Mr. Jones and his dog share an excitement for the activity Sunday morning brings. They each anticipate and embrace it with enthusiasm. Interestingly enough, however, neither Mr. Jones nor his dog show any genuine interest in the documents they carry on Sunday or in their availability throughout the remainder of the week.

In Romans 10:2 Paul is talking about the Jewish people. He writes: For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge.

For what opportunities are you zealous? Although there are many worthwhile activities and ministries to be excited about, God desires for His people to be first and foremost zealous for His Word and His righteousness. Are you enthusiastic about pursuing God’s will through the study of His Word? Are you eager to consistently walk according to His truth?

Rather than resemble our pets, the Bible teaches us to strive to resemble Jesus Christ and His Word. In doing so, we will be training others to look like Jesus.