By merely scanning current newspaper headlines we are reminded that life is challenging. This brief exercise quickly makes us aware of difficult circumstances, impending seasons of hardship and adversity, and noteworthy events of world crisis. In the midst of it all children are watching. They’re observing how we act and react as we take in and process the realities of life.
The way in which we act and react in challenging situations will depend on how well we’ve prepared for them. Because our loving God wants us to experience victory regardless of the circumstance, He has provided us with His Word and His Spirit so we will be equipped in advance of adversity. Even so, unexpected circumstances can catch us by surprise.

When an unexpected hardship arises, those who have previously equipped themselves with God’s Word can stand firmly on His promises. Those who have already developed a lifestyle of abiding with His Spirit will rely on God’s power and strength to see them through.

How well are you prepared for the challenges of life? In what ways are you preparing your children to face adversity?

In John 16:33 Jesus says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Jesus is telling us that experiencing trouble and hardship is a fact of life, so be prepared. This verse also serves as a wonderful reminder that Christ makes available to us His peace in the midst of the challenges we will face.

When faced with trouble, we are presented with two choices: we can either become overwhelmed or we can overcome. This means that we will either allow ourselves to be overtaken emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by the crisis facing us, or we will remain steadfast in reliance on Christ and His promises. In choosing the latter we will experience abiding peace and an ability to rise above the challenging circumstance.

Since Jesus Christ has overcome the world, those who remain in an abiding relationship with Him will also overcome the adversities of this world.

Psalm 46:1 tells us that God is an ever-present help in times of trouble. Isaiah 41:10 reminds us that we need not fear or be dismayed because God is continually with us and will help us. God provides us with wonderful promises such as these so that we will choose to rely on Him for all things.

On whom or what do you rely in times of adversity? Do you find comfort in instant messaging? Do you poll your e-mail audience to find solutions to challenging situations? Is there someone you call in times of crisis? Or, is it your habit to cry out to the sovereign God of the universe to supernaturally meet your need?

Through reliance on God’s Word and His Spirit you can overcome hardship and adversity while training your children to do the same!