I enjoy visiting with a family friend of ours who happens to be a salesman. It has occurred to me that he must be good at what he does because he knows his product well, is acquainted with his clientele, and is purposeful in his endeavors. He is certain to be an asset to his company.

In the natural world, being good at what you do is evidenced by the level of sales you produce, the amount of success you achieve, or by the fame and fortune you acquire. From a worldly perspective, each person is responsible for making his own way and creating his own success.

In the supernatural realm, however, personal obedience to God is what produces success (Joshua 1:8). Believers are not asked to make their own way, but to rely on following God’s way and to leave the results to Him: No pressure sales, no quotas to meet, only freedom to walk according to His will.

Can you imagine each Christian choosing to be purposeful in living for Jesus, equipping themselves with the knowledge of God’s Word, and becoming personally engaged in the lives of those around them? They would certainly become assets to God’s kingdom!

  1. Yes, Carla! I love it: “In the supernatural realm, however, personal obedience to God is what produces success.” So often we as Christians get swept away by what the WORLD says is success. It’s easy to do, isn’t it? I pray that we as believers can see the difference between worldly and godly success and follow our Lord into whatever realm He asks us to go. 🙂 We’re glad YOU felt led to join us in the High Calling blog network. Welcome!

  2. Spot on!!! I saw a post today from someone talking about doing good things and having a spiritual checklist. Part of me wanted to scream that those are NOT things that make her a “good Christian” but the other part of me could understand what she was saying, that she feels better when she does those things.

    Personally, I am currently struggling with the fact that I can be a successful Christian now, in following His path, even though I have “black marks” in my past. I think just being open to give your life to Him is what makes a Christian successful!

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