The phrase “Follow the Leader” causes many of us to reflect on the childhood game in which one or more children follow, mimicking the steps of an appointed leader. In order for the followers to participate, they must first see what the leader is doing. Each participant is successful when they demonstrate that they can accurately follow the one leading. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Jesus gives each of us a simple, straight-forward command, “Follow Me.”

He asks us to follow because. . . .

  • we were created to follow (John 10:27).
  • God knows best the direction in which to lead us (Isaiah 48:17).
  • those who follow Him walk in His light of truth (John 8:12).

Imagine, in a game of Follow the Leader, if the leader only spoke a command rather than demonstrating it—the responses might be as varied as the number of participants. Jesus not only asks us to follow but also demonstrates by His own obedience, in following God the Father, what following looks like (John 6:38).

Following someone is as easy as obeying what they say and imitating what they do. Followers are developed everyday: Students follow teachers, athletes follow coaches, employees follow supervisors.

When a teacher, coach, or supervisor instructs a person to follow their lead, they also equip them for success. Jesus, too, fully equips each of His followers by providing them with His indwelling Holy Spirit.

Are you following closely the leading of God’s Spirit? If not, what is preventing you from following the instruction and direction of the Lord?

God provides us with His instruction and His enabling power to fully follow Him in all ways. Yet, following in obedience to Jesus requires a response, as well as sincere and consistent action on our part. To follow Jesus is to merely take the next step in His direction. Will you take that step?


Image by Sudosurootdev (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons