One of my favorite things about Spring is no longer having to wear a heavy coat, and I decided today was the day they were going back in the closet. However, when the door wouldn’t shut behind me, I realized some reorganization was needed. As I began to reorder things, I also found several items that did not belong in the closet and needed to be removed. Then came the smell.  An unidentified, offensive odor coming from the rear floor of the closet.

While I was on my knees searching for the origin of the odor, it occurred to me that my closet sometimes represents my spiritual life and perhaps yours as well. How long do I allow things to pile up before I realize that my closet and my life lack order?

God is not a God of disorder, but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33), and a life of disarray does not reflect the Lord I love and serve. Additionally, it is heart breaking to realize that some things among the disorder should not have even been allowed to linger in my life. Lord, please forgive me. Teach me to guard my heart and life more closely; to only embrace and invest in those things that represent Your character and truth.

So, are you wondering the source of the stench? It was a glove that had grown enough fungus to create mildew. Perhaps it was a result of dampness from past snow or rain. Regardless of the source, the glove would need some serious cleaning to restore it to its previous state. Sin can be just like the smallest batch of fungus. If left unattended, it can continue to grow, hindering our spiritual well being. Without stopping to examine the closets of our lives it is difficult to realize what we might be cultivating.