A friend of mine is a professional caterer and produces amazing food. Sometimes when she is asked to provide food for a large number of people I go along to help her serve. Today I was provided with such an opportunity as we served lunch to a crowd of over 400. Before lunch was served people made comments such as “those desserts look really good,” or “everything smells wonderful.” Some people wanted to know what they would be having for lunch, so I explained each dish and assured them it would be delicious.

After lunch many people approached me to let me know they truly enjoyed the meal and ask for my friend’s business card. Even though all the comments were favorable, I wondered what made people inquire about doing business with my friend after lunch that had not prompted them to do so prior to lunch? Before lunch the people had merely been told that lunch would be good. After lunch they had tasted her cooking, actually experiencing its goodness for themselves.

The same can be true concerning God’s goodness. Even though we know His Word is perfect and His works are wonderful, we grow to rely on them through personal experience. Psalm 34:8 tells us: Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. As parents we should teach our children to recognize God’s goodness found through the study of Scripture. However, most importantly we should encourage our children to experience or taste God’s goodness for themselves.

For example, a simple picnic in the park enables your child to be surrounded by God’s great creation. As you teach your child a new skill like learning to write his name, or riding a bike, show him that his ability to learn is due to God’s kindness. When you pull into the driveway after a long road trip, remind your child that he just experienced God’s faithful provision of safety. Remind your child that each night he experiences a cozy warm bed is a result of God’s goodness. As a child learns to recognize and experiences God’s goodness, he will develop personal reliance on Him.

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  1. I love it when truth can be applied to food!

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