Today, I found myself intrigued by a friend’s recent trip to Alaska . I have seen pictures of the grand Alaskan wilderness before, but have never experienced its beauty for myself. I could sense the awe as he described the majesty of the Alaskan outdoors, and with each description he would conclude by saying, “the words and pictures just can’t do it justice.”

As he further communicated the pleasure in his trip, he mentioned that the days were mostly cloudy and rainy. Presuming that everyone preferred sunshine, especially on vacation, I expressed my regret for the gloomy weather he experienced. And then he said something profound: He told me that cloudy and raining days in Alaska are optimal for seeing the true colors in the scenery that would otherwise be obscured by sunshine.

He had no hesitation in appreciating what might otherwise be considered dreary days, for the sake of recognizing his surroundings in their most glorious form. As he continued to talk about his trip, these thoughts played through my mind: Do I have a true appreciation for cloudy days? You know what I mean, not the days with actual clouds, but those days when the uncertainties in life can make everything appear gray, when little goes as planned, or when difficult news has been received.

Do you have days that appear cloudy? Are you experiencing a rainy season and wonder if you will ever see the sun again?

Could it be that God is allowing the clouds to highlight His glory which is all around you?

Could it be that He is allowing a financial hail storm in your life to reveal His supernatural provision? Perhaps God is using a doctor’s gloomy diagnosis to show His sustaining power in your life and provide and opportunity for you to glorify Him. Maybe God allows the days we deem dreary to help us more readily recognize and appreciate His faithfulness.

Nehemiah 9:5b-6 reminds us: “Stand up and praise the Lord your God, who is from everlasting to everlasting. Blessed by your glorious name, and may it be exalted above all blessing and praise. You alone are the Lord. You made the heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you.”

The same God who spoke the earth into existence, who has charge over the sun as well as the clouds, promises to reveal His glory in your life as you follow Him.

Won’t you choose to join me today in praising God for cloudy days?!