God has specific plans for His children

It’s interesting to me to sit among a group of young people as they discuss personal plans. I’m fascinated by their perception of opportunities and their means of making decisions. Young people consistently make plans, often more short term than long term. Many dream about the future without, perhaps, considering possible consequences for personal choices. These choices can be significant, especially in matters of the heart. Would it make a difference in the outcome if a child were trained to know and consistently consider God’s plans (both short term and long term) for his or her life?

God's timing for loveJeremiah 29:11 states: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Lovingly teach your child that the greatest sources for finding God’s will are consistent prayer and the study of God’s Word. As a child walks in obedience and trust in God’s truth, His plans will be revealed. By getting a head of God, we can miss His plan for us.

Show your child that God’s plans also include relationships. As a child walks in obedience to God, He will reveal those relationships that reflect His best. If a child chooses to get a head of God, especially in matters of the heart, the consequences could be heartache and regret.

Be sure your child knows that when God’s plans are revealed, they can often be confirmed through circumstances and always through His truth and abiding peace. Assure your young person that if it be God’s will for him or her to marry one day, He will begin to reveal that plan as well. But, what is your child to do in the meantime? What about social activities and dating relationships?

Parents, we should be careful to avoid setting hard and fast rules about such things, but be open to God revealing His will and purpose in each situation. For example, a daughter who is told she cannot date until she is 16 may not be ready at age 16. Then what will you do? Be careful to continually seek the Lord’s provision of wisdom and discernment concerning each stage of your child’s life, especially in the area of relationships. Diligently train your child to obey truth and leave the results with God.

In what ways are you discussing God’s possible relational plans with your child?