My husband has a metal chest that once belonged to his great grandfather. It was passed down from father to son for four generations. When you open it up, you find the chest filled with carpentry tools that are obviously old, but still have use for today. The most interesting point is that my husband not only possesses these tools—he also knows how to use them.

You see, the men in my husband’s family didn’t merely store these tools. They used them daily. They taught their children and grandchildren the practical application of each tool, enabling them to  benefit from having them. In the same way, God desires that we store in our hearts His precious Word with the purpose of sharing it with the children and grandchildren He has placed in our care.  In addition to possessing His Word, God desires us to have a practical grasp of its principles so we can help equip others to live according to His will.

What are you passing down to the generations that follow you?

For example, when you share your love of baseball or cooking, are you also sharing your love for Jesus? As you teach your child to tie his shoes, to read, or to ride a bike, are you also training him to apply the truth of Scripture in his daily life? When you pass down family heirlooms, are you also conveying God’s promises that will last forever?
In Matthew 24:35 Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Even though God’s Word is ancient, it is eternal; His truth will never end. God’s instructions and promises are as relevant for us today as they were in the beginning. As a result, the heritage of truth you choose to instill in the lives of the next generations will remain after you are gone.