Imagine arriving at work to find a large box wrapped in multi-colored paper, sitting on your desk. On the top you find a beautiful bow and a tag with your name on it. You begin to question who might have sent it and what the possible occasion might be.

As the anticipation builds, you open the box and find a multitude of smaller gifts. As you unwrap each gift, you ponder the possible purpose in it and the intention of the giver. After all, it is through discovering the intention of the giver that a person can realize the purpose in a gift.

Now imagine waking up with the awareness that the God of the universe has gifted you with another precious day, wrapped in His love and waiting to be explored. The Bible teaches that all the days ordained for you were determined by God even before one of them came into being (Psalm 139:16). This means that rather than merely considering the number of our days, we should be fulfilling God’s purpose in them. Do you recognize each new day as an amazing gift from God? Are you anticipating God’s purpose being fulfilled in your life each day?

Are you training your children to consider and pursue God’s purpose in the moments of each day?

Begin by teaching your child to recognize that each day is a gift from God. In doing so we choose to acknowledge His precious gift in the morning and anticipate Him working throughout the day (Psalm 5:3).

Instead of leaving each day to chance, train your child to daily consider God’s will and guide him in choosing to follow God’s lead rather than his own way (James 4:13-15).

Since it is human nature to live for self, we should rely on God to lead us by the prompting of the Holy Spirit to live each day wisely rather than wastefully (Psalm 90:12).

As a child grows to recognize each day as a priceless gift from the Lord, he will grow to treasure the potential purpose in it.