During the past year I have experienced a growing need for reading glasses.  Initially I was just a casual user, needing them only for small printed menus here and there, or for the examination of some intricate detail.  I now have transitioned into a habitual user.  What I once relied upon occasionally, I now depend upon for true clarity in recognizing most letters and numbers.

The difference between the appearance of an object without the aid of my glasses versus using them is staggering.  Not only is it more enjoyable to view life from a clearer perspective, but it is also much safer.

Because God’s Word brings clarity, choosing to view circumstances through the lens of Scripture gives us God’s perspective.  By engaging our spiritual eyes we learn God’s best for us.  On the other hand, addressing life’s situations from a merely human perspective causes us to miss God’s purpose and direction.  This is like wearing spiritual blinders and could be potentially dangerous.

So, what caused me to realize that wearing glasses was a necessity?  I found myself going through life guessing rather than knowing, stumbling rather than walking, misguided rather than confidently on track.  In much the same way I realize my need for spiritual glasses.  When I’m guessing rather than knowing what to do, stumbling rather than walking confidently, being misguided rather than staying on track, I need the truth of God’s Word.

Psalm 119:105 tells us:  Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.  God’s Word brings clarity to otherwise confusing circumstances.  His Word is light in this dark world, enabling us to walk steadfastly in truth.  The Bible leads, guides, and directs us to know God’s will.  From what perspective are you choosing to view your circumstances?  Is your spiritual sight 20/20?