I grew up enjoying Family Circus comics and have grown to appreciate them even more as a parent. Just the use of those two words together (family and circus) provide us with a visual picture of how our daily lives can appear or make us feel.

For example, there are occasions when parenting resembles an acrobat: performing cartwheels as we demonstrate approval of our children’s accomplishments, bending over backwards in an effort to please everyone, and finally tumbling into bed late each night.

As my children grew older, it seemed as if I was walking a tight rope while continually juggling activities with homework, household chores, and family time. I found myself thinking that if I failed to be careful with each parenting step the results would be catastrophic.

Although our lives may have the appearance of a three-ring circus, God brings order to chaos: His Word brings order to our lives. As a result, we can be confident in parenting as we walk steadfastly in His truth instead of swinging like a trapeze artist from one world view to the next. We can rest in His promises, knowing that He will provide for our every need as we pursue His will (Matthew 6:33).

Consider for a moment the desires you have for yourself and your children. Do those desires reflect God’s will or the world’s ways?

This question is very important to consider in light of the daily decisions we make for ourselves and our children. The achievement of man-made goals, rather than Christ-led goals, will not result in long term satisfaction. As a result, parents will need to continually find new ways to help their children pursue that illusive satisfaction.

On the other hand, God’s goals reflect His will. To those who follow His will, God promises to supernaturally enable them in every way to accomplish all He asks (2 Corinthians 9:8). Because the work is His, those who rely on God can find genuine rest and contentment in Him.

Isaiah 32:17 tells us: The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.

Please take a moment today to consider your personal goals and engage your children in conversation to consider what they are pursuing. Do their pursuits reflect the peace, quietness and confidence of those seeking righteousness?